Helfred Matson & Friends
at Winter, Wisconsin, About 1900
Left to Right:  A Nysven boy, Mark Rice, and Helfred Matson.

This picture was taken about 1900 just as the men came out of the woods, finished for the season.  They worked near Winter, Wisconsin.   Winter is due east of Spooner about 40 miles, and due north of Ladysmith about 20 miles, in Sawyer County. 

Mark Rice married Helfred's sister, Oliana. 

We need to more about the Nysven man, his first name for starters.  The Nysven surname is common to the Strum area.   

Helfred carries, on his head, and interesting characteristic.  In a number of pictures, you can readily pick him out because of his hats, and how he wears them.  And the pipe. His hats generally set level on his head, maybe a bit up, and the brims are straight out and flat.   From the looks of this picture, the photographer requested that the victims raise the brim of their hats, especially Helfred's.