Clara Garson's 80th Birthday
June 26, 1938        
This picture was taken at the Garson home in Strum, Wisconsin, on June 26, 1938.  The photo was taken during a celebration of Grandma Garson's (Clara Frodahl Garson) 80th birthday.  Left to Right:  Carla Matson Nymo (presumably with Jon); Clara Garson (with Rolf in front); and Marie (or Mary) Garson Matson.  I see a lot of pride in this picture!

This home and property was owned by Nels and Clara Garson.  Later residents included Thora and Otto Anderson (Thora was a daughter of Nels and Clara); Mariann and Stanley Berg (Mariann is a granddaughter of Nels and Clara, daughter of their daughter, Marie); and more recently is owned by a granddaughter of Mariann and Stanley.

The home is located on the north side of U. S. Hiway 10, just east of Strum, right across from the golf course.  Many a family celebration has taken place there. 

Next to this property, to the west, is the forever famous (at least to kids of my time) Garson hill.  Facing south, this steep hill was the skiing and sleding playground for many children in the Strum area.  The Garson hill was joined by the Eide hill(s) on the west.  Between the two hills, one could slide or ski nearly forever in multiple directions.  Both the Eide and Garson hills are a back drop to the old elementary school and made a wonderful time at recess and noon say nothing about before and after school!

There are many stories that stem from this property, but one sticks especially well in my mind: The story goes...Thora and Otto Anderson lived here for many years.  U.S. Hiway 10 runs perpendicular to the property driveway. Otto, a master pattern maker, when he went to town, would back his car south out of this long driveway, toward Hiway 10.  He would routinely look straight ahead and use his rear view mirror, picking up the mail box that was centered on the driveway and on the south edge of the hiway.  This particular day, Otto started his trip backwards, moving more and more backwards, but could not see the mail box in his mirror.  He kept backing up hoping to pick it up, I guess.  The mail box always appeared in time.  Never did this time, however!  Someone had knocked over the mail box the night before.  And Otto and his car.........well, you can imagine........both found the ditch on the south side of Hiway 10!   And not a drop of alcohol involved.