Arup Garson (child) Benefit,
August 12, 1900           
Arup Garson is the child in the chair in the front row.  A son of Nels and Clara (Frodahl) Garson, Arup recently lost a leg to infection.  Nels and Clara are the parents of Helfred Matson's wife, Mary (or Marie).

I apologize for the quality of this scanned picture.  With a magnifying glass, you may be able to see it better even from the Internet.   The point of the gathering, however, is clear.  Lots of support!

Per my Aunt Mariann Berg's notes, (Mariann Matson, daughter of Helfred and Mary):

After Sunday Services at Nels Garson Farm, August 12, 1900 - Arup (in chair) had had his leg amputated - the day was a congregational picnic meal for the family.

(The) Pastor in front center is Pastor Helsem.  Grandpa Sever Matson is 2nd on left next to man holding hat.  Behind Arup is Grandma Clara & Granpa Nels.  Next to Grandma is Natalie (age 8).  Standing by Arup is Ellen (age 4), Arup was age 6.  Next to Grandpa is Thora (age 10).  Next to Thora is Maria who was 16.  Isn't she daintly?

Two rows behind Grandma Clara is Helfred (wide brimmed hat and white shirt). He was 21.  His younger brother, David, who was 15 is to the left of Grandpa Sever - wide brimmed hat & white long sleeved shirt.  David died shortly after (this picture) from heart disease - buried in Strum Cemetery.

This picture is very typical of Ellen & Arup.  They were inseparable - Ellen thought she had to take care of Arup although he was 2 years older.