Joe "Corby" Crnobrna
of South St. Paul, Minnesota
At the 1947 & 1964 Petersen Classics

Joe "Corby" Crnobrna at 1947 Petersen Bowling Classic Tournament
Joe "Corby" Crnobrna at the 1964 Petersen Bowling Classic Tournament
These pictures and this account are provided by Michael Crnobrna
Mike is Joe "Corby" Crnobrna's son. Mike found my WEB site through a WEB search for the Petersen Classic.

He wrote to me, "I just wanted to thank you for publishing [your Petersen Classic account] on the web and for giving me a quick trip down memory lane.  I am 57 years old and I am not a bowler.  My parents, on the other hand, were avid bowlers in the 1940's and 50's.  My Dad's annual pilgrimage to the Peterson Classic is something that I grew up hearing stories about, especially the horrid conditions of the lanes.  He especially hated those super oily conditions.  However, he truly enjoyed the fun train trips to Chicago from Saint Paul.  Your article touched on both aspects and I really enjoyed it.

I also noticed your individual picture taken at the Classic in 2001.  I remember those individual pictures were fun souvenirs for me as a child because in my small world, I could not imagine the adventure of traveling to a big distant city like Chicago. I've attached the earliest Peterson Classic picture of my Dad from 1947. Quite a difference between your 2001 color picture and his 1947 grainy black & white.

If my Dad were still with us I'm sure he would be delighted and honored to be included on your website as part of its Petersen Classic history.  He passed away in 1992 at the age of 76 years.  His name was Joe "Corby"
Crnobrna and he lived in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.  As an avid storyteller he would have loved sharing stories of the Petersen with you. He worked full time at Woog's Recreation in South Saint Paul and bowled there from 1946 until 1969, when a stroke at age 52 ended his active participation in bowling.  He recalled with nostalgia how he bowled 600 plus in his last three league games the night before he was stricken with the stroke.  I can't recall the names of the guys with whom he traveled to the Petersen.  I remember names of fellow bowlers from his days at Woog's, but I couldn't tell you who typically did the Petersen with him.  I have attached another picture from what I believe was his last Petersen in 1964.  My Mom became terminally ill around that time and the annual Chicago trips stopped. "

Michael Crnobrna  (pronounced "sir-no'-burr-nah")

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Posted by Fred Matson
December 27, 2005