Syver Madsen Family in 1875 Norway Census
Matson - Garson
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Notice the Etternavn (last name) of the children, Syversen. This is correct. Ragna is a child of Syver, thus Syversen or Syversdatter.

Petter Olaf Olsen? Born 1874, one or more of his parents, one who is Ole, likely died and one of the parents is likely related to Syver or Hellene. Each Syver and Helene have a brother, Ole. Syver's brother Ole was born in 1827 and married Birte Marie Olsdtr Seyerstad born 1836. Birte Marie would have been age 38 at time of Petter Olaf Olsen's birth. This is possible. Helene's brother, Ole, was born in 1853 and is believed not to have married. The middle name, Olaf, is not in either side of the family so far as we know the family. Petter could be a child of either of these or, he could be a child of a more distant relative.

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