The Helfred & Mary Matson Family
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Left to Right, Back Row:  The children, Mariann, Norval, Roy, and Carla

Left to Right, Front Row:  The proud parents, Helfred and Marie (Garson) Matson

Mariann married Stanley Berg; Norval married Gladys Thronson; Roy married Blanche Kuhl; and Carla married Erling Nymo.

This picture was taken sometime in May 1947 at the Stanley Berg farm.  Helfred and Mary had lived with Mariann and Stanley the winter before.  They were getting ready to move back to their house in Eleva, a little house by the river.

Helfred had a slight stroke in 1946.  Mary had her first stroke in 1943, and a more severe stroke one or two days after the auction on the home farm in September 1945. Mary was bedridden until she died in 1951. Helfred had a series of strokes until he passed away in 1954.  

The mother and father of the children in this picture, and the wife of Roy, all died within a three year period, July 1951-1954.  Mary died one month after Blanche Kuhl Matson, her daughter-in-law, died.  Two major events, the home farm auction and the death of her son's wife, appear to have had a major impact on Mary.  Her husband, Helfred did not live much longer.

I remember these people, Grandma and Grandpa Matson.  Because they lived with my Berg cousins, those cousins have better recollection.  I remember Grandma always being in bed, rest was the medical response to strokes in those days.  And now, of course, we know what too much of that does to the body. I remember seeing Grandma in her room, the northeast corner of the Stanley Berg home on the farm.  She was usually sitting up.  Always so kind, pleasant and gentle looking.  I remember Grandpa too, but not nearly as well, probably because there was nothing different about his situation.  I recall the kindness and gentleness of both these fine people.