Hans Pedersen Christiansen Høvern Osvolden &
Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad


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#5653 is Hans Pedersen Christiansen and # 5654 is his wife, Johanne Pedersdtr in this 1801 Norway Census. The next three names are their children. Peder Hansen in this record (#5655) became known as Peder Hansen Frodal.

Note that Hans, the father, is Hans Christiansen and not Hans Pedersen as is his baptism record. I have no explanation for that. But these are clearly the correct ancestors and children.

Other people in this record could be related. But I do not know. Is #5659, Margrethe Christiansdtr a daughter of the same Christian that Hans claims as his father? Is #5658, Thomas Pedersen above Margrethe Christiansdtr a brother of Johanne? This is not likely. I have no such child as a sibling of Johanne. All this is speculation.

Posted 18 April 2006
Fred Matson