Helfred Matson & Mary Garson lived here, Strum, Town of Unity Section 31, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA.

American Indian families roamed this area when explorers found it about 1795. What was first part of Sumner was later split to include Unity Township. Unity was first settled by familes eastern states, the first about 1855. In 1868, a few Norwegians living in the LaCrosse, Wisconsin area, moved sixty miles north and mixed with other residents. Rumors of free land brought families from all over Norway.  They came as transplanted "bygds" (communities), many came in groups of families. Many of these families still live in the area.

For Matson & Garson, old country is ěstre Toten (Hof Parish), Vestre Toten (Kolbu Parish), and Hurdal (Hurdal Parish) in Norway, an area 50 miles north of Oslo along the old Kings Highway. This area covers the northern tip of Akershus Fylke and the southern edge of Oppland Fylke . From there, Matson & Garson ancestors came to northern Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA - Eleva, Osseo and Strum.

- Fred Matson (WEBMaster and son of Roy Harold Matson & Blanche Marie Kuhl Rockwell Matson; grandson of Helfred Matson & Mary Garson).
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