Since I first posted my WEB site in May 2001, the Frodahl Family Connection has taken on a whole new look. Thanks to newly found cousins and others in the United States, Canada and Norway, as of this writing on March 3, 2006, many new family branches have been added. These cousins found me by first finding my WEB site.    

The Frodahl Family Connection is of special importance for my more immediate family. My father’s parents,
Helfred Matson & Mary Garson, each share Hans Pedersen Christiansen Høvern & Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad as common ancestors. I discovered this connection while researching for my family book. Hans & Johanne are also key ancestors in all other Frodahl connections, sort of the Godfather and Godmother of the Frodahl family.  

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My, Grandma Matson (Mary Garson, wife of Helfred Matson) was a daughter of
Nels (Nils) Garson and Clara Julianne Hansdatter Frodal. Clara was one of twelve children of Hans Pedersen Frodahl and Maria Ivershus Brendsaterstuen. Hans Pedersen, in turn, was a son of Peder Hansen Frodahl & Siri Jensdatter Dyren. And Peder Hansen was a son of Hans Pedersen Christiansen Høvern & Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad.

Grandpa Matson was a son of
Syver Madsen & Hellene Olsdatter Bjørkebakken. Hellene (Helena) was a daughter of Ole Hansen & Ragnhild Juulsdatter. And Ole Hansen was a son of Hans Pedersen Christiansen Høvern & Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad.

Nearly twenty years and one generation separate the birth of Peder Hansen in 1793 and Ole Hansen in 1812. As such, Grandma Matson’s mother, Clara, and Grandma Matson’s husband, Helfred, were second cousins and Mary and Helfred, 2nd cousins once removed (in genealogy terms).

While the use and spellings of last names may differ – Frodal, Frodahl, Frodalen, Osvolden, Høvern, Hansen, Hanson, Bjørkebakken, Aker – and while we must also be take care to not assume that all who carry a common name, like Frodalen, are family, the connections, in this case, are clear and fairly well verified.  Many members of this Frodalen family came to America and ultimately to Strum, Wisconsin. Many also stayed in Norway and some migrated from America to Canada. They all originated in Toten, Norway. 

Note: Much of the information on northern Trempealeau County – Eleva, Strum, Osseo – members of this family is from the genealogy research of Alice & Clifford Williams of Osseo, Wisconsin. Clifford is a Frodahl family member.  Without their research I would not have seen the connection between my family and others I grew up with in Strum, Wisconsin.

Fred Matson

Revised and posted by Fred R. Matson
March 3, 2006
The Frodahl Family Connection
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