the family of
Gina Voldsness
(Grandma Martinson)
Picture: Blanche Kuhl
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This (larger picture) is a picture of Blanche Marie Kuhl, my Mother, and the daughter of Gina Voldsness and Henry Kuhl.  This picture appears to be from high school or college.

Blanche married Laverne Rockwell and they gave birth to Jimmie and Dickie.  She later divorced, and then married Roy Matson.  Roy adopted Jim and Dick.  Blanche and Roy gave birth to Frederick (me) and Erik.

Blanche was born on 9 November 1911 and died on 17 July 1951 before the age of forty.  She died of complications of the brain related to a brain tumor, as I understand.  I remember the day well when I rode my bike to Uncle Gordon and Aunt Louise's, when Dad and, I guess, others took her to the hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.  I don't recall thinking much about all that as I rode my bike.  I only recall that it was a nice day, and that it was a nice ride over and down the Gullicksrud Hill to the farm in Chimney Rock.

Blanche died not long after being admitted to the hospital.  I recall going there once with my father.  In those days, children could not visit patients.  My last view of her was from the ground outside the building, and she was about eight stories or more up.  Couldn't see much.  Not sure she really was in the window.  How could she have been.  She was very sick.

Blanche Kuhl in Early Teens