the family of
Gina Voldsness
(Grandma Martinson)
Picture: Gina Voldsness
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This is a picture of Gina Voldsness, known to me as Grandma Martinson, and Linda Kuhl, daughter of Gordon Kuhl and Louis Ulness Kuhl.  This shot was taken after 11 August 1946, the child's birth.  I am unsure of the location, but is sure to be either Eau Claire, Wisconsin, or the farm of Gordon and Louise Kuhl in Chimney Rock Township, south of Strum and Eleva, Wisconsin, in Trempealeau County.

Gina was a child of Gust and Maria (or Marne) Voldsness.  She was born on 30 December 1887, died, 14 April 1963.  She married three times:  Henry Kuhl, Louise Fisher, and Ed Martinson. 

Linda Kuhl, who later married Jerry Johnson, died early in life on 29 June 1991.  She outlived her parents and had a relatively short life, as did her Aunt, her Dad's sister,  Blanche Kuhl, who died before reaching the age of forty.