27 July 2001:

A lot of the  work so far, and likely into the future, is not done by only me.  I continue to review microfilms of Parish records, and other, but without the help of very professional volunteer people, I could never be this far along. 

Leroy Madson (no relation at least that we know of) of the Fargo, ND area, a member of Norway List, with me, and also of Totenlag, has helped me with the following new information:

-> Hellene's mother's surname is Juulsdatter, not Jensdtr. This is verified.

-> Hellene's birthday was 2 April 1845, a verification of day, and change of year.  Her 7 June 1846 Christening was a highly unusual wait from birth.  We do not yet know why there was nearly one year delay.  I have seen, and have a copy of the Parish record, and the year 1845 is inserted above 2 April for the birth day. Each entry listed above and below Hellene's, for other children christened on 7 June 1846 reflect births in March 1846. All entries in the record are chronological by christening date. 

-> At Hellene's birth, Ole Hansen and Ragnild Juulsdatter, her parents, lived at  Bjerkebakken u. Braendsaeter (the ae being the Norwegian unique letter). Bjerkebakken was a subfarm of the main farm, Braendsaeter. 

-> Hellene was confirmed 2 October 1859 in Hoff Parish, Ostre Toten.

-> A Sibling of Hellene's: Johan Sogstadstuen, born 20 Nov 1849 with Braendsaeter residence.

-> Showing up as witinesses at the birth of Syver and Hellene's children, the following may be siblings:  Ole Olsen (Hellene); and Mathea Madsdatter (Syver).  These relationships are yet to be verified.

-> I have the christening (Baptism) information for all four of Syver and Hellene's children that were born in Norway:  Ragna, Ottilia, Olianna Marie, and Helfrid.  I had the knowledge of the dates and microfilm source, but now I have the detail. 

Larry Opsahl, a member of the Toten Association (Totenlag) that I joined, helped with the following information:

-> Syver Madsen, age 35, from Ostre Toten, emigrated on the ship ANGELO on 22 October 1880 to Quebec.  He paid a fare of 114 kroner.   A Peter Hanson (Frodahl maybe?) of Ostre Toten, a lumber worker, age 31, and his wife Johanne, age 29, and their three young children came over on the same ship and went to Quebec also.  

(My Observation) Ragnild Juulsdatter, Hellene's mother,  carried the "Bjerkebakken" name as part of her surname.  In effect, when later in life, Hellene was known as Helene Hansen Bjerkebakken, she appears to have carried her father's surname (Hansen) and her farm address at birth (Bjerkebakken) as her combined surname.

-> The Parish Records, Hof Parish, Ostre Toten, clearly record Helfred's first name as HELFRID.  This should be of no concern since names were recorded as heard.  Helfred is close to Helfrid is close to Helfred.  Norway had no formal dictionary until about 1900. 

Progress Report: 27 July 2001