A History of STRUM
by Roy Matson
Introduction (as in the original book)

Between the time of his stroke in 1970 and his death in 1979, my father spent most of his time researching and writing the story of his town.  In many ways his stroke is responsible for this book, since its forcing retirement on him gave him the time needed and its health implications impressed on him the
urgency of the project.

We all must understand as we read this history that it deals primarily with Strumís early years.  My father was keenly aware that his generation is the last to have some acquaintance with the early settlers of this area.  The
incident he mentions when as a young man he discovered the actual sign that Ole Kittleson had first written the name ďStrumĒ held, I believe, special significance.  He realized that the history of the years before roughly 1920
had to be recorded now lest they be completely forgotten.  So we probably wonít see our own or even our parentís names in this book.  It remains for someone younger to record Strumís more recent story.

There will inevitably be some errors in this book.  Some of the pictures are not completely identified and Iím sure some buildings and dates will be wrong.  I welcome any correction and will see that corrections are printed in
one of the local papers for all to see.

Lastly, I would like to mention one of my fatherís last wishes.  He felt that old pictures and other papers should be kept in a place where they would be available for exhibition and for the use of future generations.  He always felt that the library was the logical place for these valuable things to be stored and shown off.  As I proffed his papers and struggled over the old pictures, I began to realize how important it is that all the old pictures be identified now before no one is left who remembers.  Those of us who have old pictures should identify them now and attach written explanations to them.  We should consider donating expecially old pictures to the library.  Better they be kept there for all to enjoy than to waste away in someoneís attic.

Erik Matson
Rhinelander, WI
December 1989
Preface: About this Version of the Book

My Brother Erik's original introduction to "A History of Strum and the Town of Unity" follows this preface.

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My brother Erik finished writing and organizing a book that our Father researched for years but was unable to publish before he died. I remember looking through our Father's material soon after his death in 1979 and wondering how we would complete the task.  Erik had the skill, the vision and a very good sense of how Dad would organize and write the sections that were  incomplete.

Fred Matson
March 2002 (updated 22 May 2003)