Peder Larsen Staboe & Johane Olsdr.
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Note: The 1801 Census has this couple on Nygaardsæter, Peder is age 70 and Johanne Olsdtr is 78. They have each had one marriage. That means Peder was born about 1731 and Johanne Olsdtr about 1723. That means that when this woman had her last child, Johanne Pedersdtr,  in 1770, she, the mother was 47 years old! and the father, Peder, 39 years old. Not impossible, but is suspect. I believe I have the correct marriage record and the correct census record. On this same location in 1801 is an Ole Pedersen age 37 and his wife, Johanne Christiansdtr age 35. This Ole may be a son of Peder age 70 and Johanne age 78. Ole's age is correct. With Ole and Johanne Christansdtr age 35 are two children, Johanne Olsdtr age 5 and Maria Olsdtr age 3. There may be other relatives on Nygaardsæter in 1801. But we don't yet know.

This record may be of the Hof Church. But there is no indication here.

Posted by
Fred Matson
21 April 2006