Arup N. Garson

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The pea crop looked promising to begin with, but the middle of June brought hot weather. It was fine for the corn field, but the peas ripened too fast. The yield was less than one third normal, and of poor quality. When the seed bill was subtracted there was not quite enough left to pay the order given to the land bank for delinquent interest. Dan went on a drunk that night. It was the same old story, an auction in the spring.

Today farming is under the wing of the Farm Security Administration. They gave him a new start, rehabilitated him. Now if they could only rehabilitate in him a sound financial policy - - -.

I know one Dan Brock that went insane. His real name was Sever. He started farming where his father left off, prosperous as farming goes, with the farm fully paid for.


My father, the author of the Dan Brock story, died in 1949. My step-mother just died, and in going through the few belongings of my father, I came across this story. It seemed I might be reading to-day's news. This story was written in the early 1930's. I guess history does repeat itself.

Bea Garson Johnson January 10. 1986